Media appearances

As Featured In

As Featured In

“Exploring the Roots of Soul Food.” Sheilah Kast and Jonna McKone. The World. WYPR 88.1. – February 20, 2015

“The Invisible Vegan.” Documentary. Dir. Jasmine Leyva and Kenny Leyva. – 2019

“Ugly Delicious – Fried Chicken.” Season 6, Eps. 1, David Chang, Peter Meehan – Netflix 2018

“History of Food, Race, and Identity in America.” Melissa Harris Parry Show

Museum of Food and Drink Legacy Quilt Project

The Legacy Quilt honors the countless African American food and drink producers who have laid the foundation for American cuisine.

Standing at 14 feet tall and nearly 30 feet wide, this awe-inspiring object makes a powerful point: there are countless stories that deserve recognition.